App Evaluation

For this assignment we were tasked to either produce a sports, weather or student recipe app, I chose to produce a weather app. As a baseline I used to standard weather app that come preloaded onto the Samsung Galaxy S6, I have been using it for almost 2 years now and it never lets me down. When thinking of my weather app ideas I had the notion of, ‘a weather app must do multiple jobs’ and I feel that I was able to do this in my final project.

At first using Adobe Dreamweaver was difficult, but one I understood the software I was able to use it competently; I would have like more time to properly figure out the mechanics of the softer but I feel that my work turned out the best way I could of. My work turned out the way I wanted it too, I look just like my sketches and all the concepts I came up with, my 3 pages all came out great and I was able to make them all link and work together.

I would say that there are many improvements that I can make, one of them would have to be the overall look of the at, unlike the app I used as a baseline my app turned out more flat 2Dimentional, I would have liked to make it more 3Dimentional and more sleek to give it a more professional feel to it, I would say this is how I would improve my app.

Page 1 evidence-pic-1 Page 2 evidence-pic-2 Page 3 evidence-pic-3


App Market Reaserch

Target audience: As i am making a weather app my main target audience is for people that work and for students so my main goal is for my app has look professional enough for the adults using it for work, but it also has to look ‘cool’ and fun enough for the students that are using it for school. The app must have many jobs, as well as being a weather app, it must also tell the time, give the date it must also be able to predict the time, this will further appeal to my target audience and my weather app will become the standard weather app.

A weather app must be realisable and accurate this builds trust with the user and they will become a form of marketing, as In my experience people are more likely to use an app if it is recommended to them by a person the trust, this will help to widen my target audience. Before the app is downloaded be the user, it must deliver on the promises set out on the app store, this further helps my app gain a better reputation, causing it to grow.

Legal conditions: For a weather app, I must find a way to gain permission from Google, (as my app is an Android app) to use their location services, the reason i will need to do this is because my weather like many others, relies on GPS to and the internet to tell the user what temperature it is in their location and at that time. If proper legal actions are not taken I will be subject to prosecution and my app will be removed from the app store. Going through proper legal channels will help the image of my application  which in turn will help with my target audience.

Heaven & Hell Apps

Top 5 Heaven Apps

  1. Indeed Job Search: This app offers a simple design, it is easy to use from the start and is not complicated the colours used in the app contrast with the companies logo colour, (blue and white) although just using 2 simple colours might seem boring, on this app it works because of it it is used for, it does not need to be overly complicated because at the end of the day it has one use, and the is to help you to find a job, it does not need to be complicated.
  2. 7 Minute Workout: This workout app s different because it offers a large amount of workouts that you can perform in 7 minutes it is a simple concept but it work, the app has a sleek simple design, it uses videos, pictures and illustrations to show case the different amounts of workouts. the colours used in the app work well and do not clash this makes the app simple and easy to use.
  3. Podcast & Radio Addict: This app is used to gather all your favorite podcasts and listen to them all in one place, the design for this app take some getting used to but after you do get used to the app, it becomes very simple to use, the app offers many options like downloading the podcast of you choice you do not waste date. the colours used it this app are the signature orange used in the app logo, grey and black all these colours work well and give the app a ‘cool’ style.
  4. Google Play Music: This is and Android app made by Google and it shows because it is made very well like all the other Google apps. the app looks very good with a white and orange colour pallet this give the app its own identity compared to the other Google apps. This app is simple to get used to and easy to use it is a great alternative to the native music app given by the phone manufacturer.
  5.  Pokemon GO: This game was very well made, it looked very sleek and professional the developers did well to make this app look good. there was a lot of colour used in this app and non of the colours looked out of place. the graphics in this app brought it to life, the app made you feel immersed and addicted.

Top 5 Hell Apps

  1. iTempaid Payslips: This app is awful, for an app that is  meant to help you check something as important as checking money, this app does not have a very good user interface, it freezes when using it and unlike other apps it does not remember the users details when ever you close the app, i found this to be very tedious and time consuming, having to reenter you’re details when ever you opened the app.
  2. Ingress: This game suffered from not being supported by the developer, this interface was awful and hard to use, the app did not give you any indication of how to use it, the user was left to find out what everything in the game did. the look of the game was the worst, it was dark and look depressing. the UI seemed clunky and slow, the whole app was a poor experience.
  3. Kik: When this app first can onto the scene, it was very unattractive and non user friendly, it tried its best to be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ because it was aimed at a younger audience, but it fell far shoot of perfect, or even good.The user interface was slow and ugly  and the way the app looked was bad they layouts were not very practical and the colours were unappealing .
  4. utorrent: utorrent is a very unattractive app it is not appealing what so ever, the colours used hardly work, the app tries to make its self look attractive but it does not work it just ends up making the app look worse. This app is extremely hard at times because when you click to go to a different page, you sometime have to end up clicking up too three times.
  5. IMDB: This is possibly the worst app I have ever, IMDB does one of the worst thing and app could do and that is just pastes its website onto the app, this is almost ‘criminal’ because it just complicates everything and it make the app so hard to use. the whole reason for an app is because the user does not want to use the website on their for, if they wanted the website they would use a desktop web browser.

App Reaserch

The word app is short for application because, it is a way of saying that all this type of software have a function, hence the word application. These and product with the label SMART, will be able to support apps. we see apps usually  used on phone, tablet, televisions, computers and laptops we also see them run on multiple operating systems from iOS to Windows

Rule of Thirds & Negative Space: By splitting the phone screen into 3 parts, it gives the app direction and the user can determine the importance of each part. when the rule is used incorrectly in an app, the user will have a hard time determining where to focus but, when the rule is used in the right way the user instantly know how to maneuver   ruleofthirds_sidebyside_wikiimagethe gif above give a clear representation of the  the rule of thirds on the left you can see a proper use of this rule and the user can clearly se that the subject of the image is the stack but,  on the left, the stack id no longer in the middle third and thus is no longer the subject of the image, this is a poor use f this rule. the image on the right helps us understand negative space, negative space is the empty space around an object or subject, on the left image this would be the first and last thirds and on the right image this would be all the thirds as the rule is not being utilised.

Warburtons Student Feedback

Another student viewed my animation, and these were their comments:

The Character design is great.

I like the way it is framed.

Animation is slightly jarring at times.

It is a bit difficult to understand story wise.

After watching my animation again i do agree with these comments  and i do admit with some of the issues, I was aware of them, and i will be able to fix them in an hour of Marks lesson.